Our whole goal is simple: prepare the beers that our family and friends enjoy ...

Inspired by the nearby Andes Mountains, in the myths and dramatic legends of Venezuela, our beers are designed to delight the sector that values ​​the true taste of a beer according to its style, which ventures beyond the conventional products, and who supports and believes in 100% Venezuelan made products.

Our philosophy is effort, perseverance, innovation and the symphonic composition of flavors, aromas and textures. Mito's team contributes in the creation of the elixirs, and is guided to preserve the ancestral and traditional brewing techniques.

Our products are Genuine: we do not use additives or preservatives. Mito is a fresh beer, a beer that invites to be tasted from the minute it enters the bottle…freshly packaged, as its qualities are maximum at this point.

... From the fermenters or the oak barrels, straight to your palate ...

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